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How to deploy Snowplow SDK on mobile?

The article will lead you through installing and configuring the Snowplow tracker on the mobile application.

Tracker installation

Within this article, you'll discover the installation of the Snowplow tracker on your mobile application.

Tracker configuration

1. Aim the Snowplow event collector URL to the Meiro Events mobile endpoint by following this link. Example: 

val tracker = Snowplow.createTracker (
   applicationContext, // Android context (LocalContext.current in Compose apps)
   "appTracker", // namespace
   "https://your-meiro-events.instance/mobile" // Meiro Events endpoint for Snowplow events processing

2. Set the customPostPath in the Snowplow’s network configuration to an empty string. Refer to the Snowplow iOS tracker documentation here for more details on this configuration.
This will ensure that the Meiro Events endpoint always stays the same.

Start tracking

Everything is configured, and you should see the triggered events in your Meiro Events dashboard.