Tab: Segments

A segment is a group of customers with the same attributes and behaviour together for easier dissemination of information, targeting and analysis. Segmenting helps to specify data for a particular need. 

You can access the Segments tab by clicking on the icon in the home screen or on the tab in the top menu


Under the Segments tab you can find:

-Segments tab

-Smart Segments tab


Segments tab

As an administrator, you will have access to all existing segments. Other users, will have access to the segments that have been granted to them according to their User Role. Segments that a user has no access to are greyed out. To get access to a segment, please contact a Meiro Business Explorer administrator. 

Segments can be filtered by:

  • My Segments (segments user has created),
  • Shared with me (segments user has been invited to),
  • Others (all segments available). 


It is possible to choose a compact or wider view of the list of segments, depending on the user’s preferences.


In this tab is possible to create a new segment (Meiro administrators and users with the level of access that enables segment creation) or search through existing segments (enter your search through the search box or choose a tag).


The Segments tab displays a segment’s name, tags, authors, last export timestamp and last modified date.


The icon next to the name of the segment shows on hover if segment has any schedules set.


It is also possible to move a particular segment to the Trash tab (only possible for users with edit level of access). Segments can be always restored from the Trash.


You can open the full settings of a particular segment by clicking on it.


Segment Details tab


The topmost table on a Segments page displays:

Name Your Segment 

This is the title of your segment. Here a view-only sign will be shown for users with a view-only level of access. To get edit-level of access, please contact Meiro Business Explorer administrator.


All tags assigned to the segment will appear here. You can assign new tags to a segment. You can view available tags in the  Data tab (Tags tab. An administrator can edit tags in the Administration tab (Tags tab)


Users who have access to the segment and/or have been invited to view are shown here. If you are the author of a segment or the administrator, you can invite new users or edit the access level for users that have been already invited (please remember administrator by default have an edit level of access that can not be decreased to view-only).


For annotation of additional information for later or to help cooperation on a segment with your team members. Here you can drop your comments, notes and communicate.

Delete/ Clone

As an administrator or a  user with edit-level of access, you can also delete or clone a segment. The deleted segment can be always restored from the Trash tab

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