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Segment export: Twitter Ads Audiences


To export to Twitter Ads Audience, this destination must be set by the administrator.

After segmenting the audience, go to the Exports section where you should be able to find to which destination is currently possible to export the segment (It is possible to set more exports, but it requires the help of the Meiro team).

Export settings


Exportable shows how many customer profiles will be exported to your destination.

This number is defined by the conditions you choose to segment the audience but also by mandatory attributes that have been set up by the administrator (that must be present to export to your destination).

For example, if you segment 1000 profiles, but only 10 have mandatory attributes present, only those ten will be exported to your destination.

Mandatory attributes are visible in the Data Library/ Destinations tab.

For exports to Twitter Ads Audience, the mandatory attribute are:

Email and/or Advertising ID (IDFA/ GA_ID) a.k.a. Device ID and/or Twitter Username and/or Twitter User ID.

Customer profiles who do not have at least one of the mandatory attributes known, will not be exported to Twitter.


Audience Name (Required)

The Audience Name will be visible on Twitter Audiences as the name of the exported audience.

Audience ID (optional)

"Audience ID" defines which audience will be updated or if a new audience will be created:

  • If the Audience ID is left empty, then a new audience ID will be created.
  • If the Audience ID is specified, the existing audience will be updated with new audience members from the export.

Twitter Ads Account (Required)

The Twitter Ad account to export to. This is the ID of the Twitter Ad Account you want to export to.

Twitter Ads Export and Audiences environment

Export your segment manually by clicking on the Export button or set up a schedule (optional), so your export will run at a scheduled time.

Schedule export to the same audience in Audiences/ Facebook Business Manager:

  1. Create a segment, fill in the Audience Name, the name will be visible on Facebook.

  2. Click on the Export button.
  3. Then go to Twitter Audiences.
  4. Find your new audience created and exported in Twitter Audiences.
  5. Copy Audience ID  from Twitter Audiences and paste it to the Audience ID field in the parameters sections, in the Meiro segment builder.
  6. Set up a schedule as needed and all exports will be exported to the same Audience ID. 

Does export create a new audience or update an existing one? It updates an existing audience if the Audience ID is specified, otherwise, a new audience is created.
Can I add new audiences? Yes. When exporting, leave the audience ID blank, this will create a new audience based on the audience name.
Can I update existing audiences with new customer profiles? Yes. When exporting, specify the audience ID, this will update the audience specified by the audience ID with new customer profiles.
Are there any limits for exports? The minimum size for an audience to be usable on Twitter is 100 matched users. The number of custom audiences that users are allowed to have is not mentioned in the Twitter documentation.
How long does export take? Usually a few minutes, it may vary depending on the size of the export 
What data is exported to Twitter Ads

Email, Advertising ID, Twitter Handle, Twitter ID, Partner User ID.

Learn more: about Custom Audiences Users