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Segment export: SmartEmailing Trigger


To export to SmartEmailing Trigger, this destination must be set by the administrator.

A SmartEmailing account and valid credentials are also needed to set up the loader.

After segmenting the audience, go to the Exports section where you should be able to find to which destination is currently possible to export the segment (It is possible to set more exports, but it requires the help of the Meiro team).

Export settings


Exportable shows how many customers will be exported to your destination.

This number is defined by the conditions you choose to segment the audience but also by mandatory attributes that have been set up by the administrator (that must be present to export to your destination).

For example, if you segment 1000 profiles but only 10 profiles have mandatory attributes present, only those 10 will be exported to your destination.

Mandatory attributes are visible in the Data library/ Destinations tab.

For exports to SmartEmailing Trigger, the mandatory attribute is:


Customers who do not have email known will not be exported to SmartEmailing Trigger.


Trigger Name (Required)

The Trigger Name will be visible on SmartEmailing as the event name of the exported audience.

Warning: SmartEmailing only accepts lowercase characters and ‘-’ for trigger names. Using other characters will result in failed exports.


Does export create a new audience or update an existing one?

If an existing trigger name is used in the export, the existing audience with that trigger name will be updated. If a new trigger name is used, a new audience will be created.

Can I add new audiences?

Yes, simply use a new name as the trigger name and a new audience will be created.

Can I update existing audiences with new customers?

Yes, to update an existing audience, use an existing trigger name.

Are there any limits for exports?

There is no limit on how fast and how many events one can send to this API.

How long does export take?

An export should complete in 5 minutes or less.

What data is exported to SmartEmailing?

In the most simple use case, only emails will be exported to SmartEmailing. It is possible to include additional data depending on the use case required.