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Segment export: Sklik


To export to Sklik, this destination must be set by the administrator.

The Retargeting Terms and Conditions must also be accepted in Sklik.
To do so:
1. Log in to your Sklik where you want to load audiences.
2. Go to Tools -> Retargeting
3. Create a new audience list. There will be a pop-up prompting you to accept the Retargeting Terms and Conditions. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Sklik is an online advertising platform for seznam.cz. It is a popular platform used in the Czech Republic. Advertisements will be displayed on Seznam’s search results page. They will also be on Seznam’s partner networks’ websites, which accounts for large portions of the internet traffic in the Czech. With Sklik’s integration, your brand can be seen on both search and display networks. 

With Meiro, you can use Sklik as a source for importing contacts(emails) to Sklik’s retargeting list.

In this way Sklik integration can be used to target the correct audience. With this combination, you can start an omnichannel customer activation. It allows you to communicate with your customers at the best moment of their customer journey by showing them fully personalized content.

Upon integration with Sklik, you can also export your audience with Sklik destiation. This can help you get a complete overview of all your data. This will help you improve your business to cater to your customers’ needs.

Export segmented audience to Sklik

After segmenting the audience, go to the Exports section, where you should be able to find to which destination is currently possible to export the segment (It is possible to set more exports, but it requires the help of the Meiro team).

Export setting


Exportable shows how many customer profiles will be exported to your destination.

This number is defined by the conditions you choose to segment the audience but also by mandatory attributes that have been set up by the administrator (that must be present to export to your destination).

For example, if you segment 1000 profiles, but only 10 have mandatory attributes present, only those ten will be exported to your destination.

Mandatory attributes are visible in the Data Library/ Destinations tab.


Audience ID (optional, user input)

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 3.18.22 PM.png

Audience Name (required, user input)

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 3.21.34 PM.png



What will happen when you export an audience with no parameter?

1. Audience ID is provided but does not exist: will result in an error state.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 3.39.32 PM.png

2. Audience ID is not provided but audience name is provided: a new audience with this name will be created.

3. Audience ID is provided and is correct: incremental export into the current audience will happen (for this case, it doesn't matter whether the audience name is empty, identical with some other entry, or is new - the ID takes precedence).

Remember: Currently, the audience ID can only be found in the URL of the opened audience in Sklik.

Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 4.47.32 PM.png