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Segment export: Genesys


To export to Genesys, this destination must be set by the administrator.

After segmenting the audience, go to the Exports section, where you should be able to find to which destination is currently possible to export the segment (It is possible to set more exports, but it requires the help of the Meiro team).

Export settings


Exportable shows how many customer profiles will be exported to your destination.

This number is defined by the conditions you choose to segment the audience but also by mandatory attributes that have been set up by the administrator (that must be present to export to your destination).

For example, if you segment 1000 profiles but only 10 profiles have mandatory attributes present, only those 10 will be exported to your destination.

Mandatory attributes are visible in the Data Library/ Destinations tab.

For exports to Genesys, the mandatory attribute are:

Phone Number


One of  list-name or list-id is required

  • If list-id is provided the component will expect the list already exists and will update the contacts in it

  • If list-name is provided the component will create the list with the given name and populate it

If both list-id and list-name are provided the component will update the contacts, however, will NOT rename the list in case a different name is provided

Data Requirements

Input file structure

  • Component expects CSV input file


     "upload_contacts": {
      "enabled": true,
      "clear_contact_list_before_upload": false,
      "file_name": "upload_contacts.csv",
      "id_column": "id",
      "callable_column": "callable",
      "contact_list_id": "contact",
      "contact_list_name": "meiro_test",
      "column_names": [
      "phone_columns": [
          "column_name": "phone_number",
          "type": "home"

Genesys environment

Export your segment manually by clicking on the Export button or set up a schedule (optional), so your export will run at a scheduled time.

  1. Create a segment, and fill in the list-name or list-id.

  2. Click on the Export button.

  3. Then go to Genesys Cloud.

  4. Find your new audience created and exported in Genesys Cloud. 

  5. Copy list-id of the newly created Contact list and paste it into the Meiro segment builder.

Genesys FAQs


Does export create a new audience or update an existing one?

If list-name is provided the component creates a new Contact List

If list-id is provided the component updates contacts in the Contact List. 

The Contact List must exist in this case or the component will fail.

Can I add a new contact list?

Yes. When you provide a list-name but no list-id the component created a new Contact List.

Can I update the existing contact list with new customer profiles?

Yes. Provide an existing list-id, and the component will add or update the contacts in the list. Contacts are never deleted from the list.

Are there any limits for exports?

There are no (known) limits on the number of contacts.

What data is exported to Genesys?

In the most simple use case, only emails will be exported to Genesys. However, additional attributes can be exported as well, including nested JSON objects.