Segment export: Facebook Audience

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How to export segmented audience to Facebook Audience


Export your segmented customers to Facebook Audience, check the results of your campaign back in Meiro (segment customers you sent campaign too and check its insights, customer profiles). To use this functionality you would need to have a Facebook connection set by the administrator.

Export segmented audience to Facebook Audience

1. Go to  export destinations in your segment

After segmenting your audience in the Segments tab, go to the Destination section/ Facebook. Name your export (name will be stored in the Meiro Business Explorer export history). 


Check how many customers will be exported to your destination.


Warning: Remember this number is defined not only by conditions you choose to segment the audience, but also by mandatory attributes that have been set up by the administrator (that must be present in order to export to your destination). 

For example, if you segment 1000 customers but only 10 customers have mandatory attributes present, only those 10 will be exported to your destination. 


2. Set parameters

Set mandatory parameters from the list of parameters. It is possible to create an audience on Facebook or update an existing audience.

If Audience ID will be empty then a new audience will be created.If you will add an existing Facebook Audience ID (you can get that ID from URL in Facebook Business Manager), then exisiting audience will be updated.


3. Export

Export manually your segment by clicking on the Export button.facebook-4.pngYou can set up a schedule (optional), so your export will run on scheduled times.





What data is exported to Facebook?

Meiro exports to Facebook:

  • email,
  • phone number,
  • Advertising ID.

Exported data is set by the administrator. To see which attributes have been set to export, please go to the Data tab/ Sources & Destinations tab, exported attributes

Warning: Number of exported customers will not be the same as the number of "rows" visible in exports on Facebook. It is because rows are not customer profiles but identifiers. 

How long does it take to export? 

Export happens in real-time, usually, it is a matter of minutes.


Multiple exports will override existing ones or load as a new one? 

Multiple exports with the same name will appear as new custom audiences (separate) with the same name in Facebook.

Warning: There is no limit on API calls. If you experience any trouble please contact the Meiro team.