How to set the customer definition

Customer Definition is an optional feature and can be set by an administrator or user with permission to the Customer Definition tab.

It allows setting mandatory attributes for customers. Customers that do not have the mandatory attribute, will not be included in the customers' database. Customer records will not be deleted but simply not sent to Meiro Business Explorer. In this way, you can work only with customers' records that matter to you.  

At the same time, mandatory attributes can be edited any time and changed. 

This feature is useful for complex databases to make sure you work only with data that matters to you.  

For example, if an email address and web cookie are set as mandatory attributes, customers with web cookie attribute only will not be available for segmentation. The database will contain only customers that have both web cookies and email addresses available. 

Go to the Administration tab / Customer Definition tab and choose the attribute you wish to set as mandatory for customer definition. 




Changes will be visible after the cache refresh. In order to quicken the update, an administrator can manually refresh the cache in the Administration tab/ Settings tab