Export your segment: How to export segment to the Trade Desk

What attributes are exported to the Trade Desk?

Mandatory and exported attribute for Trade Desk destinations is Trade Desk ID. To check which attributes have been set, please go to the Data tab/ Sources & Destinations tab

How long does the export take?

Export happens in real-time, usually, it is a matter of minutes.

How to export?

1. Create an export

After segmenting your audience in the Segments tab, choose Trade Desk as a destination within the Choose Destination section of your segment. 

After clicking on the Trade Desk icon you will notice that a new area will appear, you can name your export there. Name is for your reference within Meiro Business Explorer. 

See what number of customers will be exported to your destination. Remember this number is defined not only by conditions you choose to segment but also by mandatory attributes that have been set up by the administrator (that must be present in order to export to your destination). 

For example, if you segment 1000 customers but only 10 have mandatory attributes present, only those 10 will be exported to your destination. 


2. Set parameters

Remember to insert audience ID from Trade Desk. 

If various segments are scheduled to the same audience they will upsert the results. 

3. Export

Set up a schedule (optional), then your export will run on scheduled time.

It is also possible to export manually your segment (optional). 

Remember: At any time you can also delete your destination if you wish to.